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About factory


founded on the production facilities, that have existed since 1943, in 2015:

1943 1956


1956 2004

Household plant

2004 2017

Concern “Fresh Up” (household private-label production for retail chains)


HEALTHY PHARM UKRAINE sustainability of a private label, develops new recipes, creates new brands.


occupies a leading position in the manufacture of oral care and cosmetic products in various categories.

The plant carries out a full production cycle: the development of packaging design and formulations, quality control of cosmetics.

One of the activities of the HEALTHY PHARM UKRAINE plant, besides manufacturing its own products, is contract manufacturing (Privat Label) for the largest Ukrainian retail chains: EVA, METRO, Auchan, «Irene Bukur», «Image Lab», «Family Brand», «Formula qualities», «Eco Mark», Unice, J'erelia.

Based on carefully tested components, our technologists create exclusive formulas and recipes. In production are used: reactors with a volume from 100 to 1700 liters, tube filling machines, filling equipment and labeling lines. For the appearance of each package are responsible creative designers.

The HEALTHY PHARM UKRAINE team consists of 50 highly qualified employees. An objective assessment of the plant’s activity is ISO 9001: 2015 certificate. Production facilities allow for monthly production of 70 tons of cosmetics in different categories.

HEALTHY PHARM UKRAINE - is a competitive enterprise whose products are not inferior in quality of cosmetics to foreign companies.